Mohonk Mountain House

I spent most of the 1990s living in a town called New Paltz, a small town alongside the Shawangunk Mountain Ridge and about an hour on the train from Manhattan. The place was spectacular. I must have spent all of my money on camera film and developing pictures. And notwithstanding the amazing scenery, it was the beginning of the knowledge that I had to take photographs... of anything and everything. I still have that feeling.

I remember distinctly the moment I found this picture. I was driving home from work, an idyllic place called Mohonk Mountain House. I lived at the bottom of this little mountain and in the winter, this invariably involved a dicey drive home, particularly in the white-out conditions you see here. 

I stopped the car, climbed into the snow and took the picture. I could barely see it was snowing so hard. I remember thinking it looked like a sketch book drawing - even in real life. That's the picture I wanted to take. 

I think this was one of the first pictures I had published. And I still love it!